Friday, May 9, 2014

Hoosier State? More like Loosier State...

Take a moment to find that warm, glowing ember of unshakeable faith in humanity within yourself. Have you got it? Can you feel its soft light? That reassuring luminescence that reminds you that no matter how bad it gets, no matter how horribly people behave towards one another, there is still, deep down at the very core of our species, some basic human decency that still shines in the darkness? Ok, now hold on to it, because there's a decent chance that this is going to douse that light like a smoker's last match in a stiff winter breeze.

Indiana circa 2014. They still
have some catching up to do.
Ready? Here goes. The Indiana attorney general's office has asked federal judge Richard Young to hold off on requiring them to recognize a same-sex marriage. That's right, one marriage. Amy Sandler and her wife Niki Quasney were married last year in Massachusetts and are the only gay couple to be legally recognized as such by the State of Indiana. So what makes Sandler and Quasney's case unique? Quasney has stage 4 ovarian cancer and can't wait for Indiana to join the 21st century.

Last month, the judge issued an order requiring the state to recognize their marriage while legislators continue to debate marriage equality. Yesterday he extended the order indefinitely. The order applies only to Quasney and Sandler and is the only way Sandler will be able to collect death benefits when her wife dies. What's the problem? Why is the state fighting this?
According to gay-marriage opponents, Indianapolis was consumed by God's wrath
shortly after recognizing the marriage. Critics point out that this is untrue and batshit crazy.

The outcome is uncertain in the same
way that Blockbuster's future was
uncertain about a year ago.
The attorney general's rational for what can only be described as an Omega-level dick move, is that recognizing Quasney's and Sandler's marriage only offers false hope to other gay couples.

"The traditional definition of marriage has been around for a long time. Its validity is hotly contested, but the outcome of these legal disputes is uncertain."

-The Indiana AG's office,
on why it can't suck up and deal 

The thing is, it's not all that uncertain. Predicting that Indiana will have marriage equality someday isn't like predicting jetpacks or ape-domination. It's kind of a foregone. A year, maybe three at the most. The question here is why can't the state of Indiana handle having a legally recognized lesbian couple for a little while and let Niki Quasney and Amy Sandler enjoy the time they have left together?
Well I don't know about you, but I'm bummed. Here, look at this picture of a kitten and a
puppy getting along. I mean, just look at them, getting along despite their differences.
Goddamnit, Indiana State Attorney General's office, why can't you be more like them?

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