Monday, March 13, 2017

Go back to Ma-N'hat-tan!

"Whoa, the President isn't a fascist.
Ok? Right-wing, authoritarian and
nationalistic, sure, but not a fascist."
-The Press Secretary
And did you see the thing about Sean Spicer? Because oh...just, check it out. Not going to click? It's ok, this one is on me. Spicer was shopping at the Apple store, presumably for a new iPhone because I'm sure his press secretary gig comes with health insurance, when he was confronted by a woman called Shree Chauhan. Chauhan, seeing an opportunity to confront America's favorite spokesdouche, instantly laid in to him asking him what it's like working for a fascist and if he was in on the whole Russia thing.

America: Where anyone, regardless of
race, creed or color can pay way too
much for wireless iPhone earbuds.
Rude? Maybe, but then so is arguing with the press, lying to all of us on day one about the inauguration thing, and now today's bullshit about wiretaps and air quotes (did you see?). Those were all rude to, so even Steven? Anyway, Spicer responded with and I shit you not:

"Such a great country that allows you to be here."

-Sean Spicer, outdoing even himself

"You know, she should be thanking me
that I didn't have her sent back to...where'd
she say she was from? Ma-N'hat-tan?"
I think the phrase you're searching for is 'how dare he?' While I'm sure he'll later try and frame the comment as a reference to how great America is that anyone can confront a public figure at an Apple Store and not the condescending and racist suggestion that it's only by the grace of white American men that she's allowed to shop just like regular people. For her part, Chauhan, a New Yorker whose family is originally from India, took it as not only racist but also a threat. Which I'm not sure is entirely unreasonable. After all, he was clearly making the assumption that she's an immigrant and not a U.S. born citizen so it's not out of the question that Spicer was imagining an Ally McBeal-esque cut-away wherein he's waving to Chauhan as the ICE agents haul her away.

Again, an angry and stammering explanation is certainly forthcoming, and I'm sure we're the jerks for assuming his innocent threat was a racist innocent threat. And while the incident is on video, it's not like photographic evidence has ever stopped him before.
Above: Trump's inauguration, the single most attended
event in all of human history
. Yes it was. Shut up.

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