Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Mitch McConnell: Meme-Machine

"No, I can't hear myself speak. We talked
about this, it's a legitimate medical condition."
-Mitch McConnell
Hey, remember that time Senate Republicans invoked a little known parliamentary rule to silence a colleague who was quoting a civil rights activist about how racist Jeff Sessions is? And remember how that colleague was Elizabeth Warren and the woman she was quoting was Coretta Scott King? And then Mitch McConnell got up to explain to us why we should all be cool with him asking a woman to kindly shut up and to stop being mean to the GOP's favorite Klan fan? Remember?

Yeah, it didn't work out too well for McConnell. But of course the best part was when the Senate majority leader handed us a rallying cry that's already on t-shirts, buttons and goddamn coffee mugs? Yeah, that was the best.
"Hey Mitch, you realize you literally just wrote every poster board
protest sign for the next twenty marches.So, um, thanks?"
-Senator Warren, persisting

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