Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Lad os røve nogle flygtninge!

So that's Danish for 'Let's rob some refugees,' but you're probably wondering why. What possible occasion would prompt me to use some questionable google translation title for today's post? Unless of course the country of Denmark was actually going to rob some-
Oh shit...
"Nyah, see? The is stick up! Hand over
the non-sentimental goods, see? Nyah..."
Yup, the Danish Parliament is voting today on whether or not they should start robbing refugees. Well, ok, that sounds super harsh and probably more that a little unfair. They're actually voting on whether or not to confiscate cash and other valuables worth over the Danish equivalent of $1450 from refugees in an attempt to defray the costs of providing humanitarian aide. They insist that this wouldn't includ objects of sentimental value like wedding rings or family heirlooms and-uh...it still sounds super-harsh and more than a little...what's Danish for douchy?  'Døüchen?'

Anyway, in addition to turning refugees upside down and shaking out all the kroners, Parliament is also kicking around plans to prevent them from bringing family members over for up to three years. All of this is part of an effort to make Denmark less attractive to asylum seekers.
'Flee elsewhere...'
-Danish Border Control
Actually it kind of sounds like what we
do when we put old people in a home.
Obviously these people are monsters, right? First the giraffe thing and then the bunny-murdering radio host and now they're mugging and breaking up the families of people whose lives are already pretty screwed up? Yikes guys. Supporters of the bill argue that Denmark's welfare system is being overwhelmed by an influx of people, which I can kind of understand. A sudden uptick would certainly put strain on it, but is forcing asylum seekers to turn over their valuables in exchange for a safe place to live really the way to go? It's just so, you know...

I don't know, it's a complicated question and there's almost certainly no simple ans-wait, have they tried Kickstarter? Or like a garage sale? Maybe run a special on that flat-pack furniture, or am I thinking of Sweden?
I wonder if the Danish government has thought about
raiding the Irish coast to drum up funds? It's worked before.

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