Thursday, August 14, 2014

Let's (not) talk about sex!

As I may have mentioned before, I'm not a parent, so when I get all righteous about something having to do with education or something, keep in mind that I'm a childless shut-in and probably shouldn't be talking about things that don't concern me. That said, I think this is some serious bullshit: the Fremont, California school board has decided to ditch a new sex-ed text book for discussing sex.
Last year, local parents successfully lobbied to remove Watergate from the
Social Studies curriculum due to suggestive references to 'tricky dicks' and 'deep-throating.'
"Pregnant? I don't understand,
August doesn't have an 'R' in it..."
Wai-wah? Yeah. The district made the decision to temporarily stop using the text book after some concerned parents freaked out about some of the content and put together a petition. What content? Why the sex part of course. Besides hootenannies and wing-wangs and what to do with them, the book also refers to sex toys, masturbation and even, brace yourself: orgasms. In fairness, the book is intend for college students, but the board had initially decided that ninth-graders could use the information before they become pregnant and riddled with STD's.

Anyway, the superintendent relented as soon as someone mentioned the word "attorney" and the school will, for now, use the previous text despite the fact that it contains outdated information and factual errors. Yup. They'd rather have their kids lied to about sex than expose them to racy, yet informative, diagrams of naughty bits.
Thanks to concerned Fremont parents, children in the district will
remain safe from information about sex. Unless of course they have
access to the internet. Or watch cable. Or if they talk to their friends.  

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