Sunday, April 6, 2014

It will never not be too soon...

...for this. This...what? The link. You can click on the blue text and-oh never mind, here: The ad below appeared in an AirAsia in-flight magazine. Notice anything, I don't know, heinous, about it? Yeah, I'm referring to the oddly specific line: 'Rest assured that your Captain is well prepared to ensure your plane will never get lost.' Wait, get lost? Why would the plane get...holy shit, are they talking a swipe at Malaysian Airlines for flight 370?
The whole thing started when someone Tweeted the passage using
 Instagram's new 'appalling absence of human compassion' filter.
"In our defense we never expected
anyone to actually read the in-flight
magazine. I mean, for real..."
The airline has since withdrawn the magazine and AirAsia Executive Chairman Kamarudin Meranun released an statement:

"This is a truly difficult time for the nation and words cannot describe how I personally feel of this incident...It truly saddens me that this article was released at such an inopportune moment."

-Executive Chairman Kamarudin Meranun,
master of the passive voice corporate apology

Visit beautiful Canada:
'We almost never get annexed by Russia!'
Kamarudin went on to explain that the magazine was printed months in advance and therefore was absolutely not a reference to flight 370. Um, ok... Seems like kind of a weird coincidence, doesn't it? Like, why reference losing a plane at all? Was that ever really a fear for flyers? Turbulence, screaming babies and getting stuck in the middle seat, yes, but the pilot getting lost? Unless the writer was some kind of pre-cog, this seems like a pretty jaw-dropping attempt to use the headlines about the increasingly hopeless search for the missing jet as a shitty marketing ploy.

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